New Ray Kosmick tracks

Here are three new tracks by the fictional band Ray Kosmick and His Porn Groove Crew… Another new track and a remix are still in the works, and then the fabulous Ray Kosmick – a fictional character from the novel entitled Cynicism Management and the upcoming novel Pendulum Pet, which …

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Yay, so I’ve checked everything and I think the site is done. All the info is up to date and the music & video “widgets” are all up and running viagra barato. OK, so the site is not very “pretty” in any sense, and it’s definitely not a monumental design …

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I think I’m done. Am I done? I suppose I am 😉 Tomorrow I’ll check if everything works, which I hope it does, but now it’s sleepy time!

Site under construction

After testing stuff offline for a while, I finally moved this fabulous new WordPress blog of mine online. Much of it is still “under construction” though, but I’ll keep adding contents in the following days. I tried to keep it simple, because I don’t like complicated, epileptically colourful and confusing …

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