New Ray Kosmick tracks

Here are three new tracks by the fictional band Ray Kosmick and His Porn Groove Crew… Another new track and a remix are still in the works, and then the fabulous Ray Kosmick – a fictional character from the novel entitled Cynicism Management and the upcoming novel Pendulum Pet, which is still being written and will hopefully be finished sometime this year – will finally release his first full-length album.

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Yay, so I’ve checked everything and I think the site is done. All the info is up to date and the music & video “widgets” are all up and running viagra barato. OK, so the site is not very “pretty” in any sense, and it’s definitely not a monumental design achievement, but it’s not meant to be – I wanted to keep it clean and simple, easy on the eyes and easy to use. That, I hope, has been achieved. Now I’m off to the studio to compose music instead of texts about myself in the third person 😀


I think I’m done. Am I done? I suppose I am šŸ˜‰
Tomorrow I’ll check if everything works, which I hope it does, but now it’s sleepy time!

Site under construction

After testing stuff offline for a while, I finally moved this fabulous new WordPress blog of mine online. Much of it is still “under construction” though, but I’ll keep adding contents in the following days. I tried to keep it simple, because I don’t like complicated, epileptically colourful and confusing sites. All the info is easy to find, should anyone want to find it, and that’s about it as far as the point and purpose of this “blog” is concerned.